She Flourishes - Mind + Body Workshop

She Flourishes - Mind + Body Workshop


Motherhood changes our physical and emotional states, lending to challenges as we navigate our postpartum journey. This workshop will offer strategies for reconnecting with our bodies by setting mindful intentions to simplify post-baby body challenges and emotional well-being. All women are welcome, no matter where you are at in your prenatal and motherhood journey. 

Join us on Saturday, November 2 from 11:30am - 1:00pm for the She Flourishes - Mind - Body Workshop. In this session Emily Heilman of Flourish Counseling & Wellness and Rebecca Qualiato of The She Revival will help participants: 

  • Explore the significance of the mind-body connection

  • Learn mindfulness & grounding techniques to help alleviate stress, anxiety and restore a connection to the mind-body 

  • Learn about the pelvic floor & diastasis recti: what it is and how it is impacted during pregnancy & birth

  • Learn pelvic floor exercises you can do at home to help heal/tone the pelvic floor

  • Receive local resources for postpartum health & wellness

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