What our postpartum support looks like..

When I meet with the families the first time I find it really important to establish a connection from the start.  Recently, I have been working with a few moms and there needs all vary.  I go in to the meeting with an open heart to allow me to be there for them in the way they need.  There is no set timeline to when they need to accomplish one task or figure out another.  Each woman’s needs are different from day to day.  Some days they may want me there to chat, cook them lunch, do a few things around the house while they nap or take care of the baby so they can shower and have a few minutes to just let go.   It is important that these moms know that my support is continuous, they can call or text me. Even when I’m not there and they have a question or want to celebrate something they’ve overcome.  I find it is the way I approach, guide, and reassure them that enables the mom to figure out for herself what to do, because she knew it all along.   I am just there to help “quiet the noise” so to speak so she can find clarity and that’s when the answers and true confidence comes through.  It’s a beautiful thing! 



Lauren Elliott