Taking Back Postpartum

The postpartum period can be one of many changes and challenges.  After decades of not talking much about the '4th trimester' our society is finally talking out loud about the difficulties that can be associated with this time period.  Hormone shifts, breastfeeding challenges, pain, anxiety, and depression can all be experienced during postpartum. There is hope and resources out there to help ease this transition.  It's important to reach out to your provider, partner, friends, doula, etc if you are feeling overwhelmed or just don't feel right. 

Think beyond packing the hospital bag and also start to prepare a postpartum care plan too.   From stocking up on sitz bath, pads and witch hazel to connecting with local lactation consultant (if you plan on nursing) and physical therapist ahead of time. Knowing the resources in your area will make it easier if challenges come up and you need extra help. For example, most breastfeeding moms need reassurance or help at some point, connecting with a lactation consultant or researching local drop-in clinics before the birth of your baby can make it easier when you are ready for extra help- you'll already know who to call or where to go.  

Visit us online or in our shop to help find the resources you need. We have a wonderful network of professionals.

Below are some online resources and inspirations for the 4th Trimester:






Supporting the ups and downs of postpartum- this is for moms looking for extra support during the postpartum period. Lead by, Hillary Pillotto, MA, LCPC of Better Balance Counseling, LTD. Connect with other moms and learn skills that can help during this time. Free. 

Join us on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, 10-11am.  More info here


This workshop will be lead by various professionals from a lactation consultant, to a physical therapist, from an acupuncturist  to a chiropractic doctor and more. It's free and a great way to start to prepare for postpartum. This is perfect event if you are in your 2nd or 3rd trimester or if you've already had your baby!

Sunday, August 26th at 10am. More info here