a natural nudge

Tips and tricks for moving your mind & body closer to labor

Once full term (37 weeks gestation and beyond), with the approval for your medical provider, many women begin to incorporate natural methods for induction into their daily routine to start encouraging the body in the direction of labor. We listed out below some of the modalities we've seen women use to encourage the onset of labor.

Please keep in mind that these modalities may prompt your uterus to contract but that sometimes, if a woman’s body is not ready for the process to begin, contractions may stop again. For some woman, the contractions present themselves in an “on again off again” type of pattern, and sometimes this lasts for several days or even weeks. It’s important to stay calm, relaxed & hydrated, continuing to “do life” as your body prepares for more active labor.

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic Care (Webster technique)
  • Sex
    • Semen is a natural source of prostaglandins. In it’s synthetic form, it’s sometimes used during a medical induction to ripen the cervix for labor
    • Sex can also release oxytocin, which is the “love hormone” that stimulates our uterus to contract
    • Nipple Stimulation (either manually or with a breastpump)
      • Please note that it’s important to try this modality and then allow your body to rest. For example, 15 minutes on the right breast and then a 15 minute break. 15 minutes on the left breast and then a 15 minute break.
  • Acupressure Points / Massage
  • Miles Circuit Positioning
  • Walking
  • Aromatherapy
    • Clary Sage is thought to stimulate more effective contractions – it can be used in a diffuser or it can be diluted with another oil and applied directly to the skin during massage or acupressure. It’s important to appropriately use this oil and understand its potency before applying directly to the skin
  • Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
  • Consumption of Raw Dates (6 dates/day)

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On next week's blog post, we'll be talking about how a medical induction may look and feel.