date is, what are we going to wear?

It’s that time of the year again & we’re coming up on your family photo session. Let’s chat for a moment about what everyone will wear. 

The best way to start organizing your thoughts and the clothes is by choosing one or two colors as your “theme.” You can build and mix once you have those color(s) chosen. Try not to plan matching outfits for everyone but rather, coordinating outfits. 

ElliottFamily10 copy.jpg


Not everyone will be in solid colors - adding one or two people with patterns is a great way to tie everyone in together. 

Taylor1 copy.jpg

Patters are great, in moderation.

So, be sure to only pick one or two different patterns in the group and build around those patterns with neutral colors (cream, beige, grey).

Owen&Oliver8 copy.jpg

navy + neturals = <3

If you’re looking for ways to string your theme colors throughout the outfits, try accessorizing - think scarves, jewelry, shoes…. 



What to avoid?….uncomfortable clothes. If you’re kiddos aren’t comfortable, it’ll likely come through in the photos. Same rule applies for mom and dad! Have fun with it and pick clothes that are your families style. We want these pictures to represent this time in your life!

Last rule, stay away from clothes with big logos or graphics! 

I hope that these simple steps help you build your photo shoot wardrobe. I can't wait to reconnect and capture some special moments between you and your family!



Lauren Elliott