6 Things to Know If You Plan to Breastfeed

  • Create a circle of support - friends to lean on - women to commiserate with - people to lift you up. There are so many resources & groups for breastfeeding moms. We love the drop-in breastfeeding support clinic at Monica + Andy


  • Know that it might not be easy at the start….but we promise, it does get better! Lean on those support people we talked about on the hard days


  • Pick-up "Breastfeeding Made Simple" by Nancy Mohrbacher.  It's our favorite book recommendation for pre-baby breastfeeding prep...and keep it close, you'll likely want to refer back at different points in your breastfeeding journey


  • Always know that “fed is best” - any amount of time is special and important



  • If you're planning to go back to work, we highly recommend coming up with a plan for how you can do both things (pumping and working) successfully. Vanessa Prinz is an amazing IBCLC who conducts a class here in Chicago on just this, it's called, "Back to Work" 
Lauren Elliott