the stories we carry

Every story has a beginning, middle and an end. How did your birth story start? Did all the details in the middle go as planned? We hear it said so often that "in the end" all that matters is a healthy mother and a healthy baby. But, as professional birth workers, we know that statement isn't completely true.

We know that while a woman can't always control every detail of the story, we do know that how she feels at the end of the birth is crucial for a happy and healthy transition . At The Birth Boutique, we support women and families as they navigate their journey through pregnancy, birth and motherhood. We’ve made it our personal mission to listen deeply to our clients' hopes and wishes and help create positive birth experiences, no matter the path.

Whether you've had the chance to sing your birth story from the mountaintops, or it's been years since you've felt comfortable enough to share all the details, we are inviting you to come and share your story in a safe circle of woman and mothers. Come with open ears to listen and grow.

The Birth Boutique has partnered with Serenity Acupuncture in Oak Park to bring you our 2nd birth stories event.  Together we want to honor all births & create a sacred space to share our experiences and tell you how the Birth Boutique can help you have a happy and healthy birth experience.

We hope you’ll join us this Sunday, May 7 at 4pm. Registration details below.