Hospital Bag Must-Haves

One question that we get asked time and time again from women is, "what do I need to pack in my hospital bag?" As birth doulas, we've had the amazing opportunity to sit beside women as they journey through one of the most life-changing events she may ever experience. At The Birth Boutique, we talk a lot about how to set a woman up for a POSITIVE birth experience & one very valuable piece of that puzzle is creating the right atmosphere for a mother to have her baby. Having the right personal, tangible objects can lend itself greatly to creating this space.

We'll start packing our hospital bag by thinking about our 5 senses. We want to focus on stimulating the senses in a positive and relaxing way...

  • Smell - Aromatherapy
  • Sound - Music, playlists, meditation or relaxation tracks
  • Sight -  Visuals to focus on, pictures from home, pictures of older siblings
  • Taste - Snacks, honey sticks, mints, life savors
  • Touch -  Pillows and blankets from home

Some other must-have's that we see woman use throughout the labor process are...

  • flip flops and, or slippers
  • clothes to labor in if you prefer not to wear the hospital robe. Woman often prefer loose fitting clothes and a sports bra. A soft robe from home is great and gives easy access for skin-to-skin
  • toilet paper - seems like a silly item to care about but trust can matter
  • nice shower supplies for your first shower post-delivery. treat yourself! 
  • snacks for partner or change to use in vending machines 
  • going home from the hospital clothes - we love the Molly Ades Hospital Bag Bundle, which includes nursing-friendly tops and recovery pants 
  • clothes for the babe - we love the Monica + Andy "hello baby" organic cotton line