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W H A T   I S   A   B I R T H    D O U L A?

A birth doula is a trained professional who supports a mother during pregnancy, labor and birth. Birth doulas are trained to provide continuous, in-person physical support, emotional support and informational support to the birthing mother, family or partners. 

The goal of a birth doula is to help ensure the mother feels safe, respected and confident during the labor and birth of her baby.  We help support women to embrace labor and delivery as it unfolds.



T H E    B I R T H    B O U T I Q U E ' S    B I R T H    D O U L A    S U P P O R T


The Birth Boutique’s birth doula service offers compassionate, non-judgmental, “Boutique-style” care for every woman and family we support.  We understand that every birth is different and not everyone wants the same kind of birth. We are here for you, to support you in any way you need. We offer a variety of packages to help meet the needs of mothers and families.  Our birth doula support packages include a free consultation, two prenatal visits in your home, and 24/7 support from 37 weeks gestation through birth.